Welcome to my Riot Kit Car build diary. The Riot was made by Sylva Autokits under Jeremy Phillips http://www.sylva.co.uk/ and was originally designed to take the Yamaha R1 motorbike engine hence R1ot. I opted for the Ford version and fitted the 1.7L Engine from the Ford Puma.

The Riot design was sold to Xmoor Cars who developed the car further http://riotcars.co.uk/

Since I built the car 10 years ago nothing much has changed to it, any changes post refit are in the Modifications section.

My intention is once I have finished my house I will get back onto the Riot with the idea of fitting a smaller engine. The car is so light that the large engine whilst is good sometimes feels too much for the car and a smaller unit such as the 1.4 would be just as fun and you can rev it harder without feeling that the car is on the edge, obviously supercharging will be a feature!! Watch this space.