Scuttle Panel and column change

Shortly after build JP offered a fibreglass scuttle and a fly screen.

I ordered a scuttle panel and fly screen and picked it up at York raceway.

To fit it I first had to dismantle the entire dash area and remove the aluminium scuttle. Then I had to remove the thin bars that the original scuttle mounted on.

Any parts ground back were covered in paint.

The new scuttle fitted over the dash hoop and was cut to clear the steering column.

It was also cut to clear the side roll bars and some covers made in aluminium to hide the tubes.

I also decided at this point to have a Ford Escort steering column as well as it allowed me to have the indicators, headlights, horn and ignition on the column eliminating a lot of the switches on the dashboard. The new column was mounted and the switch body slid over the top.

The wiring had to be altered but not by much and I was left with 3 durite switches, hazards, fog light and brake test.

With the scuttle fitted I made up a new bracket to hold the fly screen in place and some small tabs to hold it in place by the edges.

The dashboard was remade with a mount to point the digidash at the driver.