October 2006

29 October 2006
Been home a few days now and felt it was time to start back on the R1OT. A little problem though, where to start from!

When I paid off last week I took the liberty of going home via a few suppliers. I stopped off at S-V-C and bought a pair of headlights, fog light, switches and a radiator fan. I spent rest of last week and the weekend trying to figure what to do next. Writing a list was a mistake as it soon ended up covering several sheets and didn’t really help as it made the tasks seem never ending.

As I’ve worked it out at the moment my immediate tasks are to sort out what I have got like getting the bonnet to shut properly, fitting the fan I bought, getting the dashboard right, getting a new cam belt fitted and a fan belt. Once I’ve got all of that sorted out it will be time to move on with the next stages(s). The next jobs will be to trim the car, wire it for the engine management, wire it for all the lighting etc and finally get it in for the SVA. I’m on leave until the end of March next year so I’ll know by Christmas if I’m in position to get it done for March and put in for the SVA after the New Year.

30 October 2006
MADE A START! Hard part over. I had a look at fitting the radiator fan I bought. Due to the lack of room behind the radiator with all the hoses I got a fan that goes on the front of the radiator. The fan needed mounting with a bracket as it is not the type that mounts directly onto the radiator core. I used some aluminium strip to make up some short brackets to connect the fan to the holes on the radiator end caps which can easily be tapped to M6 and have short bolts attached to it.(nb. I can’t find the lead for my digital camera to down load photos at the moment but will put up some photos the moment it’s found;). The fan runs up nicely works the right way, ie blows air through the core in the same direction as the car will be travelling.

I had a look at getting the cam belt cover off so I could see what cam belt I would need. Unfortunately I needed to unscrew the bolt holding the bottom pulley on so I can remove the plastic cover. An easy job to do with an impact wrench, which I don’t have, so the only other way is to lock the crank by putting the car in gear and putting on the hand brake. The problem I’m still in the process of getting some drive shafts which I should find out about later this week and by the time I’ve had them powder coated and fitted them it’ll be nearer December, something to do later.

Another problem. When reading the SVA manual it states that my steering wheel boss should be of the collapsing variety which it isn’t so I’ve ordered a Mountney collapsing boss and a slightly larger steering wheel. I’ve ordered a D shape wheel so I should still be able to get in the car. With my old steering wheel removed I’m now left with a whopping hole in the dash which I cut out to clear the old boss. Also I’ve decided that I want to use the ETB Digidash and there simply isn’t enough space between the steering boss and the dashboard top to fit the Digidash in. This means that the Digidash would have to be mounted more to the middle of the dash but then it would have to be turned towards the driver otherwise I wouldn’t be able to read the LCD display. With all the thoughts of spacers and a new dash I have taken a bold step and decided to make my own custom dash out of fibreglass. I’ve got a fair idea of how to do it but first of all I need to make a buck and shape the dash panel as how I want it. Then I’ll use that to make a negative mould out of fibreglass, before finally making a positive cast out of that. The final dash panel will then be covered in vinyl fabric so air holes in the gel coat won’t matter and anything spectacular can be repaired with filler.